A different accessory for a hen’s night! 

This month one of my good friends celebrated her upcoming wedding at a hen’s night! You know how hen’s nights often feature brides wearing a cheap, pink sash made out of the cheapest satin the world has ever seen (if not plastic)? Not this one!

The hen’s night consisted of a Spanish cooking class in East Perth with much drinking and subsequent feasting, so the bride was much more in need of an apron than a sash!

Aprons can be a quick and easy make, and this one was no different! No pattern, I just “winged it”, shape-wise. The fabric is a a gorgeous Japanese cotton drill from spotlight. It has braid attached for the tie, and the neck strap.

On the front of the apron I decided to sew a clear plastic panel because I didn’t want it to be single use and put permanently away in a draw due to the “I’m the bride!” or equivalent statement front and centre of the item. As an added bonus, this way it meant I could also make a couple of extra joke labels for the front of the apron, like below!

Ooops! I just noticed that I hadn’t sewn the bottom seam up (or neck strap on) by the time I took this photo.

And here’s a photo of bride in hen’s night action to close!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.35.25 pm

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