A story of many triangles, and so many design options!

So, this story goes: I wanted to make a quilt as a gift for a friend. For no reason other than interest (and the fact that I’d never done it before), I decided I wanted to make this quilt using equilateral triangles. So, I went to Spotlight, and messed around with colour combinations on a couple of chairs near the pattern catalogues!

In the end I think i chose 12, maybe 14 (suffragette) colours? Then I went home and started cutting! Lots, and lots, and lots of equilateral triangles!

Then I went and started laying them out. I had no plan for how I wanted it to look in the end, but with (a fixed number of) triangles, I knew I had options. A couple of hours, and much fun!

I started with completely random placement:

Then zig-zags:

Then went to straight lines:

Then went to… a snake!

Then a swirl!

And a rose(?). This design. This design I almost went with. I just liked it!

But this is ultimately what I went with – graduated colours, dark in the bottom left, to light in the top right. All sewn up!

I, obviously, never remembered to take a photo of the completely finished quilt #headdesk…. but, will update the post if/when I get one!

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