A babby quilt… in corporate colours.

So maybe one day I’ll have to admit, I actually quite enjoy making little quilts for friends having babies!

This is one I made for a work colleague before she went on maternity leave! As usually happens when a colleagues leave, a collection was undertaken to buy them a gift. But this time, rather than a random voucher (or similar) being purchased for the person, I instead suggested that I be given cash to cover the costs of making a quilt as a gift!

Obviously, I wasn’t compensated in any way for the time it takes to sew the quilt – but at least all the material costs (predominately fabrics and batting) are pretty well covered.

I think I like these quilts as gifts because they always feel like a gift that a baby (or their parents) can use for years. I always make them large enough that they can be used both for “tummy time” or playmat when the kid is a baby, but also as a lap quilt for their parents (or when the kid is grown up)! I also never make them out of baby-like pastels – instead I tend towards bold modern colours.

The colours for this quilt were chosen to match my organisation’s corporate colours which… I’ll be honest, are pretty awful! Officially, the primary corporate colour of my organisation is maroon, and not just any maroon… but the ugliest damn shade of maroon you have ever seen. In the end, and after much um-ing and ah-ing over the fabric options out at Sewing World in Maddington. I opted for the following (slightly prettier) maroon/purple/pink/red option instead. 

The flannel backing fabric I used on this quilt is my favourite quilt backing fabric ever. EVER. It’s modern and cute, has DEER…. and, of course, I’ll probably never be able to find it at Spotlight ever again. I backed 2 quilts with this fabric. *sigh*

I can confirm that the quilt was appreciated by its recipient (or at least, his mother ;)).

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