New doona from the SWA!

sarahs_avatarSWA – Sewing Weekend Away!

One of the projects I sewed at the May 2013 SWA was a new doona for my bed. First, I must say… I do not recommend sewing bedding. The lines of stitching are long and boring, and having to move approximately 10 metres of fabric every time you need to iron/turn a corner is tiring. #bleurgh

But… OMG I’M SO THRILLED WITH THE RESULT! I put this on my bed, and I swear to God – all I wanted to do was jump straight underneath it! Amazingly toasty looking and feeling :))


In case you were wondering, this is the doona/duvet which I fell in love with years ago… and was my inspiration to use this.

I originally bought this fabric on sale at Spotlight for about $5/m. Cheap, pretty fabric!

5 thoughts on “New doona from the SWA!

    • rubyslypprz says:

      Ditto for me, Sarah. There’s a box in the corner labelled “pieces for quilt/doona” that has been gathering dust for far too long. Thanks for being such a shining example of stylishly handmade boudoir décor!

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