It’s summer in Australia. Shorts required.

sarahs_avatarIt’s Hottest 100 Day/Survival Day/Australia Day here in Australia today… so what could be more appropriate than a post about a pair of SHORTS?!

Shorts. What horrible things to buy in the shops. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve looked for a pair in the shops, they are invariably too tight/short/unflattering Seriously. I’ve never found a decent pair (sport shorts are the only exception to this rule)!

So, this is the third time I’ve made a pair of denim shorts. (I made 2 pairs late last summer and LIVED in them when I was travelling in Cambodia!) The shorts are based the culottes pattern which my previously-posted-about linen trousers were based on too! (Who would’ve thought a somewhat-weird looking pair of culottes would get so much use!?)

Here’s what the finished, super-comfortable, super-weather appropriate product looks like ::


The width of the legs of these shorts are perfect for me – the wider shape is much more flattering than a narrow pair! Here they are from the back ::DSC04157

Good fit, eh? The shorts have a fly front, and waist band. The “button” used is a proper jeans button (I bought a packed of them in Cambodia last year!) – there’s no thread holding it on… you actually have a metal/rubber screw -like thing which I had to bang in with a hammer to attach it. Not sure if that was how I was meant to do it… but it worked, and seems solid! Oh, but my machine ABSOLUTELY HATED sewing that buttonhole!

DSC04164Why, yes. I am an innie! 😀 I don’t find fly-fronts too difficult to sew, following the instructions always seems to get me there! However, at some point I’ll have t figure out how to sew a zip-protector thingy (you know the piece of fabric placed behind the zipper so it doesn’t touch your skin?). These shorts don’t need one… but I’d just be curious to find out how you add one in!

Hmmm… what else? Oh! This ::

DSC04165Polka-dotted quilting cotton for the (hidden) pocket lining? Abso-fruit-ly! I find I get so much more joy out of an item if it has fun hidden things like this!

The denim for these shorts was purchased from Homecraft Textiles in St James. It was tough to find the right denim for these shorts – it couldn’t be too heavy, but it couldn’t be too light either. I eventually found this denim which is just the right weight… though, truth-be-told, is a little more blue than I would’ve preferred. The compromise was totally worth it, though. 🙂




3 thoughts on “It’s summer in Australia. Shorts required.

    • sarahscustard says:

      Thanks Marnie! Your batik dress looks GORGEOUS – I ❤ those colours on you, and the fit is great! Nice work :))

  1. rubyslypprz says:

    Why do I still find shorts/trousers so intimidating? You ladies make it look incredibly easy! AND flattering! Excellent job—I shall endeavour to follow your brilliant example. :o)

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