Ridiculous(ly comfortable) trousers

sarahs_avatarSo, I had an idea for a pair of trousers… the idea wouldn’t go away, so I decided to just make it happen! I am now the owner of a pair of super comfortable extremely wide-legged blue linen trousers. πŸ™‚

The pattern for these trousers was built from Burda 7654 – a pair of culottes (not that you’d probably know to look at them)! Oh, and no, I don’t remember what the Kwik Sew ref written on the pattern was in regards to. :-S

Culotte pattern

I removed the ugly pleats from the front, shifted the zipper to the side seam (removing the fly front), added back pockets, and lined the upper part of the trousers .

Please excuse all the creases in the photos, and remember that a) these trousers are 100% linen (crease-inevitability) and b) I’ve been wearing them all afternoon…

Nb. My photos have inserted out of order, but I can’t be bothered to change them around… so we’re starting with the back view!

The front view. IMHO, the volume of these trousers mean that I need a fitted top to wear with them – I bought this one (for cheap) specially for the purpose!

I added back pockets, with some detail… just because.


As you can see from this final photo, I lined just the arse-area with some silk cotton (also from Potters). I wasn’t 100% convinced that the linen wasn’t see-through, so I added a lining to the top just to be sure! I used the selvedge for the bottom of the lining (rather than a hem) to avoid any lines/bulk. This worked well.Β Blue linen trousers (inside)

So, there you have it. Blue linen SUPER wide-legged, summer-friendly trousers… just because. Consider that itch scratched. πŸ˜‰

[This was my first sewing project of my Christmas break. Two more to come!]


2 thoughts on “Ridiculous(ly comfortable) trousers

  1. Kat says:

    Those are fabulous! Very nice job on the detail on the back pocket…those two lines of stitching never the twain shall meet! I want linen pants too, they just look so cool and fulfill the ‘lab safety requirements’ (BOO) of my job. Good call on the lining, unless you want to buy those crazy no seam underpants….

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