The culmination of many ideas…

So, this new top was, as the title suggests, the culmination of many ideas. These ideas included:

  • I wanted to make a top with a peplum. I’ve wanted to make one since before they were all over the shops.
  • My housemate had asked me if I knew how to replicate this dress. I thought I’d attempt to figure it out (thanks to Vanessa for being my dark manipulation inspiration!).
  • I wanted to use my bodice block to make a top (I’d only made dresses using it up until now).
  • I’d been wondering about wearing linen. I’ve always thought of linen as a crumply old ladies’ fabric… but then Potters had some in such pretty colours!

So, I came up with a plan to address all this thinking etc in one go, and here’s what I came up with (excuse the jeans – this top clearly needs some straight/skinny leg jeans, as opposed to an old pair of worn out jeans, to go with it!) ::

The top I came up with:

1. Has a not-insignificant, self-drafted peplum. I’m pretty psyched with the peplum – I think it has just the right amount of flare.

2. Is based on my bodice block (with some bonus dart manipulation). Hopefully you can see in the pattern piece below, I slashed and then folded out the dart which usually goes from the waist up towards the bust point. I repositioned the dart to come out of the neckline as a visible folded detail instead!

3. Has 3 different types of finishing thanks to my overlocker being in for repair – overcasting stitches around the facings and sleeve holes, bias binding on the side seam withe the invisible zipper, and french seams everywhere else (other side seam, waist seam etc).

4. Is made out of Potters linen – it’s a gorgeous pinky red. However, I’m still not completely sold on linen. Not sure I can cope with this appearance of permanent crumpled-ness!

Overall, I’m putting this top down as a just-okay. I think it will get a reasonable amount of wear… but it’s not LOVE. Mostly because of the linen, but also because the peplum takes more styling effort than a normal top. But, it was a good experience to make this top, and fun to try out so many new things!

6 thoughts on “The culmination of many ideas…

  1. Sandra says:

    Gorgeous! Well done.
    I’ve been looking for some dark manipulation inspiration, wouldn’t have thought to ask Vanessa. She seems far too nice for that sort of thing. ;-D

    • sarahscustard says:

      Thanks Sandra! Vanessa is more clued-up on the potential for dart manipulation than I am at… I still struggle to get my head around much of it at the moment… need more practice, obviously! 😛

  2. kaitui_kiwi says:

    I’m trying to work out if you wrote dark on purpose, or it is a miss-spelled dart, but I like dark manipulation better! 😉

    Your top looks fab, that is a great colour on you!

    I know exactly what you mean about linen. When I first saw my Perth work colleague in linen it shocked me since she was usually such a polished and sharp fashionista but she loved her linen top & pants. I always thought she must have known something I didn’t…after wearing your top more have you discovered it yet?

    • sarahscustard says:

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! I never noticed that – even after Sandra posted her comment. “Dark” manipulation… sounds like I’ve made Vanessa a character in the Harry Potter series of something :-D.

      And, no. I haven’t figured out the linen “it” yet. Maybe it needs to be 38+ degrees to figure it out? I did, however look/feel crumpled every time I looked in a window mirror yesterday afternoon. Clearly need a different mindset to pull off linen!

  3. Deb Koobakii says:

    Despite all of your “wrinkly” issues of the linen, this looks extremely stylish on you Sarah, and congrats on the drafting and dar(k)(t) manipulation too ! How about a delicious Potters silk/cotton for a dupliation.

  4. jacquie says:

    That is truly lovely top Sarah and looks fantastic. And ‘dark manipulation inspiration’ is a truly wonderful phrase!

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