I know what I want, so I make it myself!

About a decade ago, I found my perfect purse in a shop. It held enough (cards etc)… but not too many/much. It was big enough, but not nana-purse big. [Years I made a conscious decision years ago to not carry loyalty cards for any store other than Spotlight (though I’m thinking about throwing that one away too) – which helps a lot with my desire to keep my purse as small as possible!]

After my perfect purse died, I was able to replace it, but only once. After that, I was never able to find purse that I liked. I compromised. I carried purses that I didn’t love. That weren’t as functional. That weren’t as cute. Then, about 3 years ago I decided that I’d try to make my own purse  in the size/shape of the one that I loved!

Since then I’ve made 3 for myself (and a few for friends) to date. The pictures below are of the latest version I made after (the preceding one became too discoloured and  zip started to fail).

Here’s the outside of the purse – it’s made out of a super cute quilters cotton from Spotlight. I’ve found quilters cotton works well – each purse has lasted me about a year – not bad given your standard store bought purse often wouldn’t last that long!

This is the inside of the purse. It has 12 card spaces (though there is room for 2 cards in some of the spaces). As a bonus, I didn’t need to use any interfacing in this purse either – it’s able to hold its own shape due to the overlapping cards!On the right is the space for notes/receipts etc (though I make a point of trying to avoid hoarding receipts unnecessarily!

When I started making this purse, it was going to have a grey invisible zip on the left hand side. Then I discovered the zip I had was broken… so had to turn to my stash for something else! I found this cute pink-ish one which contrasted nicely with the rest of the colours of the purse, but of course I had no thread to match it. As a result, you can see where the visible line of stitching would have been on the right hand size of the zip, I opted to use one of my machine’s fancy decorative stitches instead – WINNER!

So, this purse has now been in action for, maybe a month, and it’s faring well. It’s done all the things a purse is meant to do, without difficulty… and while looking cute and unique!

Oh, but there was one slight casualty as a result of the purse-construction process.. I *may* have been using one of my credit cards to make sure I sewed the card spaces just the right width…So this line of stitching clearly got a little too close! Sewing your credit card permanently INTO your purse is definitely one way to stop you using it!


2 thoughts on “I know what I want, so I make it myself!

  1. Kat says:

    I just love this!! I hate big purses/wallet and personally use a coin purse as my ‘wallet’…I hate tonnes of loyalty cards and crap in my wallet too. Yours is so cute and such a fabulous and practical design…very nice job! I love that you stitched your card to your purse…it’s these things that make sewing fun, eh? 😛

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