A simple Pendrell adjustment

Earlier this year, I needed a few simple, breathable tops to take on holiday to Cambodia . Using the Sewaholic Pendrell, princess seamed-blouse pattern as the basis, I made two tops up out of sheets picked up from op shops (so, bargain!)!

I made a few alterations to the pattern this time I made it (I made it up originally here). First, I lowered the neckline (since I’ve never met a scoop neckline I didn’t like ;)), and I replaced the fancy pleated sleeves with much a simpler, basic sleeve which I’d  developed/adapted for a previous project.

NB. This photo was, however, taken in Perth in August, rather than in the tropics in March when I was on holiday. 😛 Shows I’ve got good use out of it, both whilst away, and since I got back!!

5 thoughts on “A simple Pendrell adjustment

  1. vanessa says:

    I had a huge epiphany after discussing this top with yoy. I haven’t had a lot of success lately with 1, finding patterns for simple tops and 2, having them turn out well fitted. Lots of gaping and generally too large. I’m going to take my bodice block that we drafted with Sandra and my patternmaking texts and come up with some variations of a basic top. Hopefully this will result in some quick well fitted and interesting tops to wear. Now what to do with my pattern stash…

  2. rubyslypprz says:

    Well done, Sarah! You have really shown what an amazing difference it makes to have a personalized fit on even a very basic garment. I have been hoarding a stash of vintage sheets, but I should follow your example and enjoy them as cute summer tops and dresses. Hello, Lutterloh!

    • sarahscustard says:

      Yes! I tend buy lots of sheets from op shops. Most get used for toiles, and the cutest get used for wearable muslins/super simple tops etc. It also means that the fabric usually ends up being about $1/m – bargain! 🙂

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