Single day quilt for babby

So, my friends Ash and Lexi were due to have their first baby – I needed to make them a present! But there was a twist… I only had 10 hours to do it – the crazy! Here’s how the crazy went down::

I realised on a Friday evening that the following Friday was, most likely, going to be the last time I was going to see Lexi before her upcoming baby shower. This was important, because I wasn’t going to be able to attend her baby shower (I was going to be in Kalgoorlie instead – but that’s another sewing story!). So if I wanted to guarantee that I’d hand over the present before the baby arrived, I’d have to hand it over next Friday! But, problem was, I was out all day Sunday AND every evening next week! So, the decision was made. I had only tomorrow to crank out this quilt.

A couple of considerations :: Obviously, it had to be a simple design. I decided upon stripes – what’s more simple than stripes!? There was going to be no time (and limited inclination, truth be told) for fancy piecing :). I didn’t know whether the baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so no gender-specific fabric colours could be used (but, truth be told, this pleased me. I get SO BORED with pink and blue restrictions for girls and boys). So SUPER MULTI-COLOURED IT WAS! Plus, the quilt was for a baby, so colour-choice-wise, it needed to stand up to being spread on the floor/spilled on etc.

At 9am, Saturday morning I was outside Spotlight in Cannington, waiting to get in when the doors opened. By 9:35am I’d selected  13 different plain quilting cottons in a veritable rainbow of colours, some middling-grey sashing fabrics (yes, hear that quilting lingo!), a dark grey patterned binding fabric and a grey patterned flannelette backing fabric.

I got home at 9:45am and put all the fabrics into the washing machine. Not taking any risks with a present like this!

At 9:50am I headed off to my usual Saturday morning game of squash.

At 11:40am I got home from squash, pulled my fabrics out of the washing machine, had a shower, got dressed and dried my hair.

At 12:15pm I picked up all my fabrics and headed to the nearest laundromat to use one of their dryers to speed-dry my fabric. About 15 minutes later (enough time to grab a kebab from the shop next door for lunch) – it was done!

At 12:50pm I got home – it was ironing time! Unfortunately the speed drying DID add signifcant ironing time. Whoops. At 1:20pm I called my mother to get any last minute tips regarding the quilting.

At 1:30pm I started cutting and sewing. Long, fabric-width strips of all the fabrics were cut and arranged in colour order. Then the strips were sewn together. The cutting was tedious, but the quilt top came together relatively quickly. Oh, and it turns out every strip of fabric was a different width – UP TO 8-10CM DIFFERENT!

Then I spread the backing, wadding and quilt top out on top of one another on my loungeroom floor, smoothed them out, and pinned them together. Many, many pins. Quilting time! I sewed long grey lines a 1/4″ in from the seam on the coloured strips. The quilting-quilt-wrangling bit is exhausting!

By about 5:00pm I was done with the quilting (NB. the timings get a little fuzzy at this point :-P). I trimmed the quilt to make sure it was square/even. Then I cut, and sewed to create metres and metres of binding, which was then pinned and sewn to the top side of the quilt.

Dinner time (and time to brace myself for the upcoming hours of hand sewing).

At 7:30pm I began sewing the binding by hand to the back of the quilt. Two episodes of Everyone Loves Raymond and one episode of CSI: New York later (classy TV choices, I know), IT WAS COMPLETED! 9:30pm. A single day quilt.

I gave the quilt to my friends the following Friday, as planned. 🙂 (And at this point you’re probably as exhausted from reading this as I was at the end of making this quilt!) Now to shock you back awake with colours! PHOTOS!

10 thoughts on “Single day quilt for babby

  1. ozviking says:

    You must be superwoman 🙂 I am impressed with what you managed to achieve in one single day…… and the quilt is so pretty. I am sure your friend and her baby will love it.

  2. kaitui_kiwi says:

    Amazing speed quilting effort 🙂 I’m exhausted from reading (for some reason I felt I had to speed read up until the photos! Phew! hehe) It certainly doesn’t look like it was made in a day. Love the arrangement of the colours, I hope your friends loved it too xx

    • sarahscustard says:

      I WAS A QUILTING MACHINE (that day)! Albeit a machine that doesn’t really care much for quilting… but giving that quilt to my friends for their (now arrived) bub made it all worth it. 🙂

  3. Alyssa says:

    omg this is so inspirational and you still had time for a game of squash! I feel pretty bad now for all the times that I have complained about not having enough time to work on projects!

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