Sewing with/for kids!

Things have been quiet around this blogspace for a while, haven’t they! Well, here’s  two projects to kick things back into gear!

1) Meet Tilly. Tilly is a softie which I whipped up in an evening for the newborn daughter of a friend. She was made entirely out of my stash, using a @60piggies tutorial. The pattern was 90% super easy, 10% pain in the butt. The difficult part was sewing around the body – trying to maneuver  the arms and legs inside the modest body space, while making sure to secure them in the seams around the body. #gahnotenoughroom!

2) The girls’ cushions. One day I was hanging out, doing some sewing with a new-to-sewing-friend. Her two daughters were also hanging around, and her eldest (Miss10) was interested in what we were doing. I suggested to her that if she designed the pattern for the top of a cushion, she could choose fabrics to make it from my stash, and I would help her sew it together! And I wasn’t making it easy for her – this quickly became a maths lesson for Miss10. (Sometimes I think it shows that my mum is a teacher…) Once she came up with the design idea, I told her that she had to figure out the size of all of the pieces needed for the 45cm x 45cm cushions. Once she/we had drawn up a detailed plan, we were read to choose fabrics! Miss10 liked the purple and blue fabrics in my stash – and after much deliberation, arrived at a decision. Then she watched as I sewed it together – passing me the pieces of fabric I needed as I went!

Later, Miss10’s sister, Miss6, decided that she also wanted a cushion. So, we set her to work, choosing her own fabrics. This time round, I actually let Miss10 have a go at sewing the pieces together. Quickly, she got the hang of speeding up, slowing, down, holding the threads to start, reversing at the start and end. Nice!

We finished both cushion tops in no time! But, not having any zippers with me, we couldn’t finish the cushions on the spot… so I said I’d take them away, finish them and bring them back! Three weeks later, I finally did! The cushions will be delivered (back) to their owners tomorrow. Yay!

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