Paper piecing – sharing the insanity!

Last month I invited a group of friends around for Etsy-Craft-Party-ish-Party. I said to the invitees, if you have some craft/project that you want to work on, bring it! I also offered to show people how to make a simple paper-pieced brooch if they so preferred (because, if paper pieced quilting is going to be the cause of my impending insanity… I should drag as many people down with me, right?).

After lashings of pumpkin soup, fresh bread, cake and snacks – here’s what we ended up with! (Excuse the poor quality picture – it was taken on my phone!) The yellow one is mine –  the “one I prepared earlier”, so I could spend my time helping out everyone else…

Most of the hexagon fabrics came out of my stash, and the hexies are all sewn onto a felt backing. They have a safety pin sewn to the back – perfect for affixing to your outfit! I reckon everyone did a pretty awesome job – most people involved have little-to-no background in sewing! And it’s a great way for me to procrastinate from working on my 2,175 aqua and red hexie quilt…

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what 2,175 (1.25″) hexagons look like, it’s something like this…


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