The first quilt

Yeah. So I’ve never aspired to be a quilter. But, about a month ago I made a deal with a friend that resulted in me sewing my first quilt. When I was visiting this aforementioned friend, she offered me a pile of 8.5″ squares of quilting cotton and 7.5″ squares of batting. She had signed up to do a quilting class about 3 years ago, but for some reason never got to do it. The fabric and batting were an ongoing reminder of her plan to take up sewing… which had never quite happened.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I had little-to-no interest in adding the pile of fabrics/batting to my stash (mostly because the pieces of fabric were too small to be useful/not my style), and I didn’t want a quilt made out of them either. But, I offered to sew the quilt for my friend, just, well… a) because  I could, b) because she couldn’t, and c) for the hell of it! (I’m always a fan of doing things once – even patchwork it seems ;-)).

Now, having a pile of 8.5″ squares of quilting cotton and 7.5″ squares of batting seemed a little incongruous. Why would the batting be cut up, and why would the pieces of batting be smaller than the fabric squares? When my mother sews a quilt, the batting is usually one great big sheet which gets sandwiched between the top and bottom layers. But, since I didn’t have any directions for how this quilt was supposed to look/its size etc… following a pep talk from my mother, I just started making it up as I went along!

Ultimately, this is what I ended up with:


  • While you probably can’t see it in this picture, because the fabric squares were 1″ larger than the batting I sewed/quilted 4 lines of stitching (2 either side of each seam) to make sure the batting couldn’t start *floating free*.
  • I purchased some pink “furry” cotton for the back panel. I figured it would make for a nice and soft lap-quilt.
  • I also purchased grey homespun cotton for the binding. (Thank goodness for the many online tutorials about how to bind a quilt!)

There are lots of little imperfections in the quilt. For example, there are couple of places where the squares of fabric in the top layer didn’t quite match up (I blame the imperfectly cut “squares” for this imperfection). There were also multiple places where the fabric didn’t sit flat when I was quilting it (my fault, I think). The (what were meant to be) mitered corners of the binding were also far from perfect (I’m just blaming that on it being my first ever attempt!). But, I think I did a pretty reasonable job for my first quilt. That being said though, I’m not going to be rushing out to sew another. I’ll leave that to others. 

The quilt will, tomorrow, go in the post to my friend (who lives in Kalgoorlie). I hope she finds it useful! It’s now time for me to return to my ridiculous collection of yet-to-be-hand-sewn-together 2,000+ paper pieced hexagons. It’s still quilting. But it’s paper-pieced-quilting so IT’STOTALLYDIFFERENT,RIGHT!? Don’t answer that. I know what I think… and that’s all that matters… ;).

*Oh, and just in case you were wondering what I got out of the deal that lead to me sewing my friend this quilt? I recieved (in advance) very useful pile of Tupperware.   🙂

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