So I made this dragon-boy hoodie as a gift for my nephew. Not for any particular reason… mostly just because I’d wanted to try out one of these themed hoodies for ages – and dammit nephew! You are going to be my excuse to do it!

The hoodie was a plain-ish navy, blue purchased on sale at Target last week.

  1. To the hoodie I cut a circle out of white felt and a circle out of black felt. Eyeballs! I sewed around each of the circles with matching thread using a tight zigzag stitch – firstly to attach the black circle to the white  circle, and then the white circle to the hood.
  2. I cut a whole bunch of white triangles and pinned them to the inside o the hood. I then sewed a piece of green ribbon on top of that – it both held the “teeth” in place and just looked like awesome green gums!
  3. Then, just because I could, I cut a long rectangle out of some navy cotton drill, sewed up the long side of the rectangle, and turned it inside out. I cut 2 “tail-ends” out of felt, sewed them together and then stuffed them with, well, stuffing! I attached the tail end to the tail, the tail to the inside of the back of the hoodie, and I was done!

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