Today’s Inspiration

I just have to share this. Seriously. I’m feeling more than a little giddy in anticipation of trying to make a dress just like this one (which I was posted by a vintage clothing seller  on Facebook earlier today).  I love me a peplum – and boy! Is that a peplum!

I want to make this dress in plain black for work. I’d make the back of the dress higher, with a zipper. I’d make the front of the dress lower. I’d wear it with a cardigan… and it would be fricking ace.

*swoon*. Hmmm… choosing the fabric will be tricky… anyone want to make a suggestion?

Now I just have to fit this into my list of things to sew. Gertie’s Crepe dress sew along is next on my list of things to complete – I have the fabric and the pattern… but couldn’t bear sewing along with the sew along – it was so slow (that’s a reflection on me, not Gertie)! Post-muslin step, I decided to wait until she had finished, which would allow me to work on the whole project – start to finish – in one weekend.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration

    • sarahscustard says:

      And want to know what makes me simultaneously thrilled and ridiculously jealous? I showed this dress to a friend… and she’s seriously thinking about buying it!

    • sarahscustard says:

      I agree! But in this case, I’ve rationalised that it’s okay. I suggested to her that she might like the dress because it would fit her (unlike myself)… and in the case of this dress, I’d be super happy for someone I know to own it – – if I can’t own it myself!

  1. dressingmyself says:

    I can see that dress would make one’s waist look smaller – good thing, in my case.
    My view is that a plain fabric (but maybe with some texture?) would work well. I do like it in the B&W pattern shown – but could be hard on the eyes when sewing.

  2. Koobakii (Deb) says:

    Oh, completely delicious styling, very very Cueish. Just loving peplums, reminds me of my Mum’s era. I made something very similar to wear at a ‘black & white’ party with a zipped back, a shorter peplum not quite so full and peeping from the hem I put some tulle just for fun, paired it with long white satin gloves, it all looked quite vintage.

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